Introducing My Amazon Wishlist

It’s a natural fact that I am a VERY greedy bitch!

So, while establishing My empire, I came across Amazon and created an account and started up My wishlist.  The shit on there is put in the order that I saw it.  I don’t have the time or patience to be all neat about that shit.  It’s going to be purchased and sent to Me anyways, so who cares about neatness?  So that you intolerable pay pigs can get started on clearing out in this wishlist, you better click on this link.  The more than you send, then the more of My time and attention you get.   I will CONSTANTLY be adding new things to this wishlist.

My Wishlist:

Damn Twitter and their 16 character limit!

Apparently, I can’t use @BitchyBlackPrincess as My Twitter name because its more than 16 characters, which I think is total and complete BULLSHIT!!! My NEW Twitter handle is @BtchyBlkPrncss.

What is new so far? Well, I already begin a little following by having three little boys start to follow Me (I haven’t even been online for 24 hours & already I’ve got droolers!! LOL). I will take some pictures of My feet in the most beautiful shoes every so that you losers can begin worshipping the shoes that I walk the earth with (you already walk and worship the ground I walk on).

On another note, banners will be made available today to put on your website to show your support and admiration for your Bitchy Black Princess.

This is the first, but definitely NOT the last!!!

Okay losers! Let’s get one thing straight. The only purpose that you serve is to obey My EVERY command, no matter HOW humiliating or degrading it is for you. Honestly, I don’t care. I’m a ruthless, selfish and manipulative Bitchy Black Princess, so My needs, wants and wishes ALWAYS come before you. The reason why you came crawling to Me like the pathetic maggot that you are is ensure that EVERY aspect of My life is made easy while you toil away and make huge sacrifices, both financially and physically. you crave to give every hard working dollar to hopefully catch a GLIMPSE of what pure Black perfection looks like. My hypnotized 36C-28-44, smooth Black skin & sultry voice will leave you at full attention while I milk you like the cash cow you are. Though I’m just getting started, you miserable morons can begin your journey to your financial destruction by following My luscious ass on Twitter: @BitchyBlackPrincess